Thursday, March 16, 2017

Abdul Hameed (Urdu: اے۔ حمید-‎; 1928 – 29 April 2011) was an Urdu fiction writer from Pakistan. He was also mainly known for writing a popular children's TV play Ainak Wala Jin (1993) for Pakistan Television Corporation which was broadcast on PTV during the mid-1990s.
He has written more than 200 books. Urdu She'r Ki Dastan, Urdu Nasr ki Dastan (in which he has given information about the prose literature of many Urdu prose writers from Banda Nawaz Gesu Daraz to the recent prose writers of Deccan and Gujrat), Mirza Ghalib, Dastango Ashfaq Ahmad and Mirza Ghalib Lahore Meini are his most famous books.
Abdul Hameed died on 29 April 2011 at the age of 83.

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